Are you looking for an insurance policy to protect you and your family? From travel insurance to life insurance, having extra financial support can bring you peace of mind in any worst-case scenario. But finding the right policy can be overwhelming – especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Here at Insurance Dog, we’re here to help.

You deserve more than to be bamboozled with jargon or baffled by policy options. You also deserve to make your final choice based on much more than just the premium cost.

Our goal is to change the way we think about insurance. Rather than seeing it as an unnecessary expense cost that you want to avoid paying, we want to educate you and explain how and why insurance is there to help you.

That’s why we’re here to answer your questions and make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Like a trusty friend, we’ll hold your hand along the way, giving you comfort and reassurance that your chosen insurance policy will protect you and payout when you need it to.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is something we should all consider as a financial safety net that provides peace of mind for you and your loves ones. Let us guide you on finding the cover you need.

Travel Insurance

Planning a holiday or business trip, do you have travel insurance or just not sure what travel insurance is, let us help you understand what it covers and find you the policy for your next trip.

Income Protection

Work full time or part time, income protection is something you should be learning about especially if you rely on your monthly income. Get the income protection to protect you and your family.

Specialist Insurance

Can you not get cover by a regular life polices due to having a high risk occupation, extreme sports or have a pre existing health condition. We work with insurance providers so you can have peace of mind and know you have the correct cover.

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You deserve an insurance policy that gives you quick and easy cover. A plan that protects you and your family. But more importantly, an insurance plan that doesn’t break the bank.

Here at Insurance Dog, we can make that a reality.

We offer reputable insurance quotes that are designed with you in mind. By working with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we can give you quick and easy quotes whether you’re looking for travel insurance, life insurance, income protection or much more.

But along the way, we’ll give you everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision. You won’t be left wondering, “Is this right for me?” or questioning, “Will this payout when I need it to?” or “Would I be covered for this?”

We promise to simplify insurance so that you know what your insurance policy is for, why insurance is needed and how insurance will help you.

Insurance should be there for everyone. Whatever your background, your occupation or your medical history, we can match you with an insurance provider who promises to put you first. By taking the time to get to know you, we can talk directly to the insurance underwriters and find you an insurance premium that suits you.

We offer guidance to individuals from diverse backgrounds, assisting them in finding optimal choices tailored to their needs. Your lifestyle decisions could potentially lead to reduced monthly premiums. We extend our assistance to a wide range of individuals and beyond.
Faq Life Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked


You need insurance to protect yourself, your assets, and your loved ones from unexpected financial losses and to comply with legal requirements for certain types of coverage. It provides peace of mind and ensures you’re financially prepared for life’s uncertainties.
There is many insurances you can get from car insurance to phone insurance, at the insurance dog we currently help people get life insurance with no medical conditions, specialist life insurance with medical conditions, travel insurance and income protection.
Yes, you can typically get life insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition. However, the availability and cost of coverage may vary depending on the condition’s severity and your overall health. It’s advisable to speak with one of our advisors or get a quote using our website a specialist in pre existing life insurance will guide you to which policy is correct for you.
Yes, you typically need insurance if you are self-employed or a freelancer. Having insurance, such as health insurance, liability insurance, and possibly disability or life insurance, is essential to protect yourself financially and to ensure you have access to necessary benefits and coverage. The specific types of insurance you need may vary depending on your profession and circumstances, but having some form of insurance coverage is generally advisable to mitigate risks associated with self-employment or freelancing.
Yes, it’s possible to get insurance even if you’ve been declined by other providers. We work with Insurance brokers who can help you if you have been declined insurance and can offer coverage to individuals who may have been declined elsewhere. These are often referred to as “high-risk” insurers. Keep in mind that coverage from such companies might come at a higher cost due to the increased risk. It’s advisable to work with a member of our team to discuss your current position

Life insurance primarily covers the financial needs of your beneficiaries (usually your family or dependents) in the event of your death. When you pass away, the policy pays out a tax-free lump sum or periodic payments to your beneficiaries. They can use this money for various purposes, including:

Income Replacement: To replace the income you would have provided for your family, ensuring they can maintain their standard of living.

Debts and Expenses: To cover outstanding debts like mortgages, loans, or medical bills, preventing your loved ones from inheriting these financial obligations.

Funeral and End-of-Life Expenses: To pay for your funeral, burial, or cremation costs, which can be substantial.

Education Costs: To fund your children’s or dependents’ education, including tuition fees and related expenses.

Estate Taxes: To cover any potential estate taxes your heirs might owe, ensuring that your estate can be passed on smoothly.

Charitable Donations: If you’ve designated a charity as a beneficiary, the payout can support the organization’s mission.

Legacy and Inheritance: To leave a financial legacy for your loved ones or heirs, helping them achieve their financial goals.

Life insurance policies may have variations, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance, each with different features and benefits. The specific coverage and payout amount depend on the policy you choose and the terms outlined in your policy contract. It’s important to carefully review and select a life insurance policy that aligns with your financial goals and the needs of your beneficiaries.

Yes, getting life insurance after buying your first house is a wise move. It ensures that if something happens to you, your loved ones can continue to afford and keep the house without financial strain. Life insurance provides essential protection for your family’s future and their ability to maintain the home you’ve worked hard to acquire.

The best time to get life insurance is as soon as possible. Life insurance becomes more affordable when you’re younger and healthier, and it provides financial security for your loved ones right from the start. Don’t wait for a specific milestone; start considering life insurance when you have dependents or financial responsibilities.

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About Us Life Insurance

Travel Insurance

Embarking on a journey, whether it’s a spontaneous last-minute getaway or a carefully planned annual trip, requires comprehensive travel insurance. The right coverage ensures peace of mind and protection, especially for those aged over 50. At The Insurance Dog, the UK’s friendliest insurance, we understand the unique needs of travellers in their golden years. We look at the various aspects of travel insurance, covering everything from last-minute travel insurance to specialised plans like cruise cover life insurance and mountain biking travel insurance.

Over 50s Travel Insurance: Tailored Protection for Your Journey

Traveling over the age of 50 brings a wealth of experience, but it also requires specialised insurance coverage. Over 50s travel insurance is designed to address the specific needs of mature travellers. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations or reconnecting with loved ones abroad, our comprehensive plans at The Insurance Dog provide the protection you deserve.

Last Minute Travel Insurance: Seize the Moment with Confidence

Spontaneity adds a thrill to travel, but it shouldn’t compromise your safety. Our last-minute travel insurance plans are crafted to accommodate the unexpected, offering coverage for cancellations, emergency medical expenses, and more. Enjoy the freedom of impromptu adventures while being fully protected with The Insurance Dog.

Cruise Cover Life Insurance: Sailing Safely Through Life’s Voyages

Cruises are a popular choice for travellers over 50, providing a unique blend of relaxation and exploration. Our cruise cover life insurance ensures that you and your loved ones are safeguarded during your maritime adventures. Cruise with confidence, knowing that The Insurance Dog has your back.

Mountain Biking Travel Insurance: Conquer Peaks with Peace of Mind

For those who love the thrill of mountain biking, having the right travel insurance is crucial. Our mountain biking travel insurance offers specialised coverage for adventurous souls seeking adrenaline in the great outdoors. Explore rugged terrains with confidence, knowing that The Insurance Dog has tailored coverage for your active lifestyle.

UK Travel Insurance: Exploring Home Comforts Safely

Discover the beauty of the UK with our reliable UK travel insurance plans. From the picturesque countryside to vibrant cities, ensure your domestic travels are worry-free. The Insurance Dog provides comprehensive coverage, allowing you to explore your own backyard with the same peace of mind as international adventures.

Worldwide Travel Insurance: Protecting Your Global Journeys

For those with a passion for global exploration, our worldwide travel insurance is your ticket to worry-free adventures. Whether you’re crossing continents or hopping between islands, The Insurance Dog’s coverage ensures that you’re protected against unforeseen events, no matter where your journey takes you.

The Best Travel Insurance Provider: Choose The Insurance Dog

When it comes to selecting the best travel insurance provider, look no further than The Insurance Dog. Our commitment to providing tailored coverage, excellent customer service, and competitive rates sets us apart as the go-to choice for travellers of all ages. Trust The Insurance Dog to be your companion on every journey.

Annual Trip Travel Insurance: Convenience and Coverage in One Package

Frequent travellers can benefit from our annual trip travel insurance, offering year-round protection for multiple journeys. Say goodbye to the hassle of arranging coverage for each trip individually and embrace the convenience of comprehensive, ongoing protection with The Insurance Dog.

Travel insurance is a crucial aspect of any journey, ensuring that you can explore the world with confidence and security. At The Insurance Dog, we strive to be the UK’s friendliest insurance site, offering tailored plans to meet the diverse needs of travellers over 50. From last-minute getaways to adventurous mountain biking trips, trust us to provide the best travel insurance for your unique journey. Choose The Insurance Dog and travel with the assurance that your adventures are protected at every step.

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I recently used Insurance Dog to purchase travel insurance, and the experience was fantastic. The website’s layout is clean and straightforward, making it easy to navigate. The travel insurance broker who they are partnered with got back to me quickly as well making the application process a breeze. Insurance Dog made getting travel insurance a hassle-free and efficient process. Highly recommend for all your insurance needs!

Jenny R

I was initially skeptical about using an online platform for something as important as life insurance, but Insurance Dog exceeded my expectations. The expert advice section was particularly helpful in guiding me through the complexities of different policies. The personalised assistance I received from the Insurance Dog team made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I feel confident in my life insurance choice, thanks to Insurance Dog!

Sarah K

I stumbled upon Insurance Dog while researching life insurance options, and it turned out to be a great find. The website’s content is informative. Overall, a valuable resource for anyone looking for life insurance.

Jason M

I couldn’t be happier with my experience using Insurance Dog. The website is incredibly user-friendly, and I was able to speak with a broker who got me the life insurance I need even with a health condition, easily. The information provided was clear and comprehensive. Thanks to Insurance Dog, I found the perfect life insurance coverage for my family. Highly recommended!

Emily S

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